On Fri, Apr 13, 2018, at 12:54, Hollenbeck, Scott wrote:
> It's OK to say, "I've read the 
> document and I have no concerns"! The IETF doesn't charter "lurking" 
> groups, people!

FWIW and speaking just about myself, it is not that I am just lurking in the 
LCs it is that I have various issues with the 4 current LCs (this 
rdap-objet-tag, the fees one, and the two organization ones, though I need to 
carefully re-read these last 2 to implement them and see differences), for 
which I already raised concerns here that were or were not adressed.

So I can not support them, and this is why I say nothing, and while objecting 
to them at various degrees, I have no strong enough feelings to be vocal about 

  Patrick Mevzek

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