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As I have mentioned previously, this informational draft has quite a few policy 
dependencies built into it that are currently being reviewed and will be 
changed by ICANN. The authors have addressed several of these potential policy 
issues but there are some that still exist (e.g. TCNIDs generated twice daily; 
use and definition of <tmNotice:notBefore> and <tmNotice:notAfter>).

I do support sending this to the IESG as this draft does depict the current 
operating environment, but due to these dependent policy items, I do believe 
this will need to be revisited and corrected once these policy decisions are 
made/changed, I would guess, at ICANN speed, in the next 2-3 years.

There are a few wording/grammatical issues that a good read should resolve 
(e.g. section 5.2.2, second paragraph, I believe “effective allocate” is meant 
to be “effectively allocate”, copyright dates should be updated).



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The following working group document is believed to be ready for submission to 
the IESG for publication as an Informational document:

This WG last call will end at close of business, Friday, 28 February 2020.

Please review this document and indicate your support (a simple “+1” is 
sufficient) or concerns with the publication of this document by replying to 
this message on the list.

The document shepherd for this document is Ulrich Wisser.


Jim and Antoin


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