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> I rented a movie called Druids with Christopher
> Lambert.  It was a French and Canadian co-production.
> It was about the Gauls resisting Rome.  OK movie.  Not
> sure why they brought Druids into it though.  From the
> cover I thought it was gonna be sword & sorcery but it
> was just a little mystical.  Except for a sword
> wielding female who moved impossibly fast there wasn't
> any fantasy.  Which is fine with me.
> It wasn't a great movie, it was kinda confusing (but I
> was answering phone calls, playing with the cat, etc.
> while it was on).
> Anyway I'd like to see REH's Crusade stories given
> this kind of treatment.  Small medium budget movie
> with decent acting.  Just a decent story with some
> good sword fighting action.

Interesting you should mention Lambert . I was reading a post on one of the
boards from someone on the online Lambert fan club who mentioned that he [
Lambert ] had posted that he'd received a Solomon Kane film script to read.

No details of the script but Lambert is supposed  " to be seriously
considering it as it's a very compelling part " .


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