If no one objects, I might clean up - i.e. permanently delete - all
non-trusted users on the relax wiki:


There are a large number of spam bots sitting there that are blocked
from doing anything, and it would be good to clear them out.  If you
have an account but are not trusted yet, unlikely as most of the
non-trusted users have typical spam bot names, please respond to this
email to have your wiki account trusted.

To improve the wiki user registration process, I have installed the
customUserCreateForm extension:


Well, more like manually created the extension.  I have included a new
text section:

Editing the wiki

To be granted editing access to the relax wiki, please send a message
to the <a 
mailing list</a>. This is to verify that you are not a spam bot
automatically creating an account. Please include a link to your
research group's website, or equivalent, to help with the verification
process. This measure was taken due to excessive and uncontrollable
spamming of the wiki.

This should significantly clarify the process.



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