I am new to Relax and have been trying to setup my R1 relaxation analysis using 
the Relax GUI (4.0.1). My input files come from NMRView. I opened all the files 
under "The file name(s)" menu - they all have .xpk extensions (an example is 
R1-methyl_hRGS4_20C_pH7_Mar2016_0ms.xpk). I then provided a set of spectrum ID 
string names that matched the filenames (minus the .xpk extension - an example 
is R1-methyl_hRGS4_20C_pH7_Mar2016_0ms). When I try to continue from that 
window I get the following error:

RelaxError: Spectral data corresponding to the ID string 
'R1-methyl_hRGS4_20C_pH7_Mar2016_30ms', 'R1-methyl_hRGS4_20C_pH7_Mar2016_50ms', 
'R1-methyl_hRGS4_20C_pH7_Mar2016_250ms']' does not exist.

Please help!


Karin Crowhurst

relax (http://www.nmr-relax.com)

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