Hello everybody,

I'm analysing some CPMG data with the auto-analysis script
(sample_scripts/relax_disp/cpmg_analysis.py). Problem is that I don't have the
same set of spectra for all my residues, i.e. there are missing residues in
some of the peak lists and relax doesn't like that. So far I bypass the problem
by generating residue-specific peak lists and running the analyses separately
for individual residues but that's 1) tedious and 2) I'm unable to run
clustered analysis unless I shave the spectra list to "common denominator". I
also tried setting the missing intensities to "None" or to "NA" but that's not
working. Any ideas?


                                                 Petr Padrta

relax (http://www.nmr-relax.com)

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