Hello everyone,

I am attempting to run relax on a multi-processor mode. I have been able to
successfully set-up relax to operate in a multi-processor mode by using the
mpirun -np #ofprocessors /location/of/relax --multi='mpi4py'

The problem I encounter is when using the --tee log dauvergne_protocol.py
command. I receive this error
RelaxError: the script file 'dauvergne_protocol.py' does not exist

I located the script file and tried to direct to it's path
mpirun /usr/local/Relax/relax-2.2.5/relax --multi='mpi4py' --tee log

But i received this error
RelaxError: the script file
'/usr/local/Relax/relax-2.2.5/auto-analyses/dauvergne_protocol.py' does not

Even though I have the script, it doesn't seem to be able to locate it.

On a side note, in the manual, one dash doesn't actually run the command.
I.e. in the manual it displays -multi='mpi4py' . What it should be is
--multi='mpi4py' . The same goes for -tee. It should be --tee.

relax (http://www.nmr-relax.com)

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