On 16 January 2017 at 21:50, Xu, Shenyuan <x...@miamioh.edu> wrote:
> Dear relax managers,
> I installed the relax based on the installation guide on "installation
> linux".
> When I run the full test suite command, it shows the "relax:22417
> GVFS-RemoteVolumeMonitor-WARNING". Then I opened the log file, it said
> system/funtional tests----failed
> unit tests----ok
> gui tests-----ok
> software verification tests----failed
> synopsis-----failed.
> Then I run a R1 analysis on the gui mode and after three days, relax shut
> down itself and on the terminal, it said: "mpirun noticed that process rank
> 0 with PID 28252 on node tetra exited on signal 9 (Killed)".
> What should I do?
> I really appreciate your help!

Nihao Shen!

Welcome to the relax mailing lists.  For the error you see, which
version of relax are you using and which operating system (and
version) are you using?  For bugs, I would recommend creating a bug
report at https://gna.org/bugs/?group=relax and attaching log files
there.  For example the full log file from test suite would be very
useful to see what is happening.  Note that you cannot attach large
files to a mailing list post - this is blocked to avoid a large strain
on the infrastructure.

Also, I don't know how stable OpenMPI is when running through the GUI,
but that mpirun shutdown notice sounds like the GUI was killed by the
operating system for some unknown reason (likely outside of relax's
control).  Hopefully that wouldn't happen on a second run.
Alternatively, you could try the prompt/script UI mode to see if the
GUI is the issue.



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