Hello everyone,

This isn't as much a problem with relax as it is a general question
regarding S^2 values itself. When comparing different values of S^2 between
proteins, what difference is considered significant. Due to the lower
values I know say an average S^2 value of .1 is a big difference in the
flexibility of one protein to another, but what about say an average
difference of .01, is that still considered a significant change in
considering the relative dynamics of one protein to another? (I.e. if say,
protein A has an average S^2 value of 9, and protein B has an average S^2
value of 8.9, could you make the statement Protein A has significant
dynamic differences, more rigid, when compared to Protein B. Or could you
make the statement due to only a difference of .01, there isn't much of a
overall dynamic difference between the 2 proteins)?

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