These sites are 10-15kms from the nearest houses in rual country .I have a separate site to site licence that is still valid that I don't use any more and I am looking at utilizing it instead of the diagram I sent through before .I am having no worries with my remote sites to the central hub site .I am only having problems with 2 sites that hav the transmitt frequencies 100-375khz away from the central hub signal which is wipeing it .But if i can use this other frequency that i have it will them be upto 15meg away from the sites transmitt frequency and shouldnt affect it
Thank You,
Ian Wells,
Kerinvale Comaudio,
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Date: 03/28/06 23:38:39
Subject: Re: [Repeater-Builder] very close frequencies seperation
Usually, you use a backbone frequency on a different band (in the US 220 Mhz & up) or a dedicated dc controlled phone line so you can have the desired linking.
It is difficult, but not impossible, to link on the same band. Is that you will thinking of implementing.?
Adam Kb2Jpd
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Subj:  [Repeater-Builder] very close frequencies seperation
Date:  Mon Mar 27, 2006 4:21 pm
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    v\:* {behavior:url (#default#vml);}  v\:* { BEHAVIOR: url (#default#vml) }         Hi guys .I am trying to receive 473.575mhz from a 25 watt repeater ,line of sight, 50kms away and and retransmitt it on 473.200 at 25 watt on another site.The transmitt antenna is a 6db vertical ,9 meters above ground and the rx antenna is a 6 db uhf beam 1-2 meter above ground ,aimed at the 473.575 site Is it possible to notch out frequencies going into a receiver that are275 or 375 khz off a uhfreceive signal or is it going to be too close to filter outthe TX .
  Thank You,
  Ian Wells,
  Kerinvale Comaudio,
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