Thanks for the response.  So this is not what I thought it sounds like.  We are looking to boost indoor handheld coverage so our theory was to use this cable with a VHF w/ our main repeater freqs and connect it to a UHF for handheld transmissions.  In this case, both radios would need to be able to RX and TX, not one as Rx and one as Tx.  Correct?
Also had recommendations for a rooftop yagi pointing to our main repeater, to a bi-directional amp, to a indoor omni.  As well as having multiple on-site repeaters linked via UHF.  If you have any other thoughts or experience w/ these please let me know!  Most of our sites are about 2-3 miles apart, but we have one that is about 10-15 miles.  The main repeater is at about 100ft AAT, but 2 of our locations are sitting in a river valley which seems to be blocking a good handheld signal.
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I have and they actually work just fine. Although they are 
very basic and provide no repeater controller options, which 
include a tail or drop out timer unless you buy the model 
that has it built in. 
The cable you ask about takes two Motorola 16 pin radios 
like the GM300 and M120 units, makes one a repeater receiver 
and the other a transmitter. 

I make a similar unit using the rear 16 pin plug/jack and 
in some examples also/or the front mic jace. 

Be careful about the ebay sold unit, it's very, very easy 
to put the cable in upside down, there is no plug polarity 
key, nor is there a real indication of which side of the plug 
goes up or down.  (unless they've changed their design. 


> Has anyone actually used this product?:
> _ 
> ( 
> Seems to be a repeater maker cable that offers full DUPLEX for both
> through the Acc pins.  Was interested in using this for a few 
> systems, if we can use a total of only 2 radios for both Tx and Rx 
that'd be 
> great!  Anyone that's used this product, let me know if it  works.
> Thanks!

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