Yep, me too.  I could use a pre-amp for my 6m machine.  But with the GLB box
spec'ed for 600kHz offset, it could be an issue for me.  My split is 5ookHz.
Response plots would be nice..
Mike Perryman

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At 4/5/2006 09:22 AM, you wrote:
>Anybody familiar with this? I remember the old GLB units from waay
>back, and did not realize they were still/now available. I just
>requested pricing for a 220 unit. They spec it at 8db of gain, and 44
>db of rejection at the transmit frequency . Pretty darn good!

I'd sure like to know what the noise figure is - only gain & selectivity
specs are given, no NF.  If it's the same as
<>, I'd
expect it to have a high NF.  Since this thing would typically be ahead of
any other preamps (if any), it would effectively set the NF of the RX
system.  A GaAsFET preamp is used, but if it's preceded by a filter with 8
dB of loss, the NF will be ~8.5 dB.

Bob NO6B

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