My unmodified DB224 had a VSWR of 1.8:1 in the 147 Mhz portion of 2 meters, in the 145 Mhz portion it went over 2.1:1.  After the modifications it went down to 1.6:1 at 145 Mhz.  On the receive portion I did not notice any changes, in the transmit, it did improve the power output, as expected.  It depends on where you are getting the antenna from, as there has been talk that only the harness was being changed.  There is some messages here on the board about modifiying a DB224 and leaving the harness as is.  I have a DB304 that I am going to expierment with and see if it works.  Look back over the last few weeks of messages and you will see there is a link in one of them that pointed to the modifications. 
If you can get the antenna that has the extended elements, and is true for the 138-150 Mhz band, then that would be the antenna to purchase.  Ask them to measure the elements, and if I remember right, they came out to 37 1/4".  I've been also told by some that they think it was 39", someone on the list might be able to confirm this.
Don't get one that has just the harness modified, as it will look good on your frequency, but then does not have a ver wide spread, mine only went about 1.5 meg and the VSWR rose drastically, very noticably.  At my freq that I had it cut for, it is at 1.2:1, but move just one meg and it went to 1.8:1.  Just how mine turned out.  Hope this helps.

Chappy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
We plan to buy a new DB-224 antenna for 146.34/94.
We notice the "popular" model covers 150-160 MHz.
Also available is a model covering 138-150 MHz, for about $50 more.
I've heard many times that the 150-160 model covers 2 meters just fine.
In fact we have a DB-264 with 150-160 MHz specs and it seems OK.
Is it worth it to look for the 138-150 MHz version ?
Thanks -- kd4ss

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