If you measured the Diamond antenna's bandwidth, you'll 
probably notice it's not nearly as broad banded as the 
Decibel model/unit.  It's possible the repeater tx (and or 
rx) operation near the band edges would have a problematic 
level of reflected power (swr).  Such was the case with a 
Hustler antenna I once tried/used (and swapped out). 

Some of the Mono & Mult-Band Amateur Antenna models don't 
always make great repeater system antennas. 

The Decibel Antennas are commercial quality units made for 
serious applications.  If you google the "Diamond 500 
antenna"... you'll see more than one person posting bad 
news about Diamond Antenna physical failures after a year 
or two of operation.  

You get what you pay for... 


> Mathew Quaife <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I just got a good comparison on the DB224, and my Diamond 500
antenna.  FOr kick sakes I had a guy about 35 miles from the repeater
in a mobile giving about 25 watts out.  WIth the DB224, originally
designed for the 150-160 Mhz split, VSWR of 1.8:1, at 130' in the air,
fed with 150' of 7/8" hardline he was full quieting into the system,
claimed there was just a little noise on the repeater, but full scale.
 I then switched to the Diamond antenna, fed with 160' of 7/8"
hardline, up at 92', he lost one bar on the meter and had just a
little noise in his signal.  
>   I can only think that if the diamond, which has a VSWR of 1.2:1
were at 130' it would out perform the DB224.  So if I had a DB224 cut
for the ham bands, it would only again out perform the Diamond antenna.
>   So I agree, for $50.00, yes get the antenna that is cut for the
ham band.  Plans are to purchase a new Antenna this year for the
repeater.  So if I may ask, what was the price quoted for a new DB224
antenna for the 138-150 Mhz range?
>   Mathew 

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