I have 3 patterns for you.

First, If you do not want any signal to go "N"  and the signal equal around
to the South then take the dipoles and place them in a 60 degree
orientation. The 2 on the top section should be 180 from each other to the
East and West and the 2 on the bottom should set at a 60 degrees. The 2
lower dipoles should be aligned 30 degrees to the east and West of the South

This will give you a fairly good pattern for the area that you want to

The second pattern that will work is to place the dipoles in a 70 degree
pattern. Using South as the Zero degree alignment, 1 each at 35 degrees to
the East and West and the others at 70 degrees past that. This will leave a
150 degree arc or 75 degrees off North. This will provide a little to the
North but not very much.

The first or second will work very well. If you need a little more to the
south then take the top at 180 degrees and the bottom towards the south at
90 degrees. This will give you a little more gain to the South than to the
East and West.

We had to do this in South Texas to keep a FED signal out of Mexico. The
first is the one we used and it is still in use today.

Charles Miller

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> 73 to the Group. Since there is a current discusion ongoing related to
> dipole antennas I would appreciate any comments about the hypothetical
> situation below:
> Asumming a DB224E antenna with 4 dipoles, top mounted on a tower, and a
> coverage area that is a 270 degree arc (E,S and W.) from the antenna,
> the remaing 90 degree segment (N.) being blocked by nearby and much
> higher terrain, what is the best orientation of the dipoles on the mast
> to provide the max. coverage to the 270 degree arc. all other things
> aside.
> All dipoles aligned on one the S.face of the mast.
> 2 dipoles facing S., 1 facing E. and 1 facing W.
> @ facing SSE. and 2 facing SSW.
> 1 E., 1 SSE., 1 SSW., and 1 W.
> or some other arrangement
> Doug  N3DAB
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