> I have tried with 3 volt meters and 2 SINAD meters: a Fluke 
> 77, a "Sinadder 3" (SINAD & AC voltmeter) and a HP8924c. 
> Pretty much same results with all. That is 20 db quieting 
> around 0.7 uV, SINAD around 0.35. So what's the recommended 
> meter? Should I trust the SINAD reading and chock the 
> quieting reading up some unknown meter problems?

Very odd.  I'd probably want to load the speaker PA; I usually just leave
the speaker connected or use a load box.  
> Yes. The Micor came with a 3 page document detailing SP71 
> modifications. Would you like me to scan and email you a copy?

I'd be curious to see if any of the mods would affect AF response, IF
bandwidth, or anything else that could be throwing off your numbers.

IIRC, older Micor manuals didn't even have a 12 dB SINAD sensitivity spec,
only a 20 dBQ spec/test procedure.  That's what I remember always using as a
pass/fail reference.  Of course, SINAD is a better test, but you should
expect an in-band Micor to still meet the quieting spec.

                                --- Jeff WN3A

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