Welcome to the world of 6 Meter repeaters.

They can be a lot of fun. In Missouri you are a little better off frequency and 
duplexer wise due to your 1.7 MHz split between transmit and receive 

For radios it depends if you are a GE or Motorola person. If you are a GE 
person, the Mastr II is the repeater of choice, followed by a Exec II.  If you 
are a Motorola person, the Micor or MSR2000 are the repeaters of choice, 
followed by the Mitrek.

For a duplexer, any good commercial duplexer rated at 1 MHz spacing should do 
the trick. Andrew LDF Heliax for feedline, and my favorite antenna is a pair of 
DB Products loops, if you have enough tower space. If not a single loop will 
work pretty good. I tend to shy away from fiberglass (Stationmaster style) 
antennas for use on 6 Meter repeaters.

Your worst enemy will be anything rusty or loose on the tower.

If you are on a busy site near other radios and man made noise, you most likely 
will not need nor want to use a preamp on the receiver, but if you are out in 
the middle of nowhere on a solar site with a good quiet solar controller a 
preamp may be of benefit.

Good Luck with your project.

Joe - WA7JAW

--- In, "Charles Rader" <kc5...@...> wrote:
> I am tossing around the idea of building a 6 meter repeater.  This will have
> to be single site if I do this. What are you guys using for the repeater,
> duplexer, and antenna?
> Thanks,
> Charles KC5DGC

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