some of you, who wanted to get Replicant's source code over the last
months or maybe even the last two years, probably have noticed that the
Git server is often not reachable or stops working in the middle of
getting the source code. The reason always was that Gitlab requires a
lot of resources. And getting Replicant's source code requires cloning a
lot of Git repositories at the same time which was too much load most of
the times. A few improvements (like using Git bundles) improved the
situation a lot for some time, but it got worse again with recent Gitlab
versions. Furthermore, some Gitlab updates introduced bugs that caused
additional headaches.

So a new more lightweight and reliable solution was needed. cgit seemed
to be the best choice for the web interface. The only missing feature,
compared to the feature set that was used from Gitlab, is an aggregated
feed for a group of Git repositories. This feed from Gitlab was used to
show recent commits on the Replicant website. That's why no commits are
currently shown on the website and "Loading RSS feed failed" is
displayed instead. Either a replacement for generating the feed needs to
be found or that commit view needs to be removed. I liked the commit
view because I think it gave a straightforward overview of what
development work was currently going on, so I'd like to have at least
something similar instead of just a link to the source code. Any ideas?

The Git server has now a simple overview page[1]. The Replicant and
LineageOS-mirror groups are kept from the Gitlab group
setup. Contributor repos are now aggregated under /contrib[2]. So links
to contributor repos have changed. cgit uses different URLs for commits
than Gitlab, so links to commits have changed as well. Links need to be
updated at least in the Replicant wiki and if you link externally to
git.replicant.us, you also need to check if you need to change the URLs.
Currently, only redirects for two repos are in place, which are needed
to make syncing the source for Replicant 4.2 and 6.0 work and to ensure
that no changes to the manifests are needed[3]. I'm hesitant to add
further redirects because it could make things a lot more complicated.

As for the Gitolite setup, only Paul and I have currently admin
access. All contributors who already had write access to a repo should
still have that access with the same SSH keys that were uploaded to
Gitlab. Let me know if that's not the case! If anything else should be
changed, like a repo name or username, let me know as well!

The setup is now nicely running for a few days and I hope that it stays
that way :)

Best regards,

[1]  https://git.replicant.us/

[2]  https://git.replicant.us/contrib

[3]  The setup is now case-sensitive and Gitlab wasn't. Two repos need
to be redirected because the manifest for Replicant 4.2 uses lower-case,
while the Replicant 6.0 manifest uses upper-case names for these repos.

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