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> If there are vulnerabilities which will not get patched, then you
> you should write it on replicant.us at the device website
> in question.

We already referenced the most important issues here:

This page is also pointed to very explicitly in the Replicant
installation instructions.

If you have suggestions on how to improve that, they are welcome,
because we might have missed some of the places where we can or should
add such information.

As there is more than one very important issue to point at, and that
they evolve over time it's best to mention that Replicant has important
issues and point to this status page instead of mentioning them as is.

We also accept patches for the replicant.us website. Its source code is
here: https://git.replicant.us/replicant/website
The patches are reviewed on the mailing list.

We even have a tutorial for making and sending patches against the
Replicant website here:

And if you want to work on that in the wiki, we can also give you
write access for the wiki. All you need for that is to create an
account and to tell me or other people that are administrators in the
wiki[1] to give you write access to it.



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