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On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 2:10 AM, Richard Jasmin <> wrote:
> Package: reportbug
> Version: 6.6.3
> Severity: normal
> Tags: upstream patch

I dont see any patch here, nor the upstream tag has sense in this
contect. please dont use tags without knowing what they are.

> Ok, I see this is using python-vte for the UI. Im not an expert in UI
> programming but.....
> the following applies:
> we should detect if python-vte is being ran.

what do you mean? be more specific

> Reason behind this is that UI elements and only UI elements apply and affect a
> UI application. You cannot close a UI application but hitting enter unless
> someone default selected a close button. Nobody has done so. This results in 
> an
> empty input dialog and nothing happening. The text input dialog is not needed
> in the UI.

in which panel is this happening? report the exact steps to replicate
this issue (and what the exact issue is, as it not clear at all)

> IIRC, you can still issue a pause command in linux..but if not its only a few
> lines of code to add in:
> writeln("Press any key to continue..")
> line:=readline;
> Ok, well this is python but you get by drift.

No i dont, you need to be specific and on topic, and not using a
mocking language (what's that, pascal? who's relevant here?)

> And of course I want to close reportbug if I click on close button. Why does 
> it
> ask me?

surprise, because you might have hit the  close botton by mistake and
we dont want screaming users to complain they lost their reports
because they hit close

> Similar UI glitches abound in the UI of reportbug in various areas.

So report them, one by one, with precise and exact information on how
to replicate them and how you would address these glitches.

if you use the word 'epic-fail' in the subject, you NEED to provide a
quality report, which this is absolutely not. I didnt close it just
because I want to hear what you have to say, but it has a very low
value (if any at all).

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