Hi, I’ve installed report magic and checked the results but find it difficult to understand the results. Specifically I need help on the following issues raised by users:


What do the terms mean in the report? What is a ‘requested’ as opposed to a ‘served’ page? (we had a page that had 28K requests but only 3K were served? This is scary as either our site is broken or the stats reporter is broken)

Can we see the page views figure?

The number and type of visitors (unique, once, more than once)

How do we resolve the addresses in the domain report?

Why do we only get partial IP addresses in the organisation report?

Is it possible to have percentages instead of figures on some reports?

We need to find information for the following which doesn’t seem to be available in report magic:

  • Browser used
  • Referring site
  • Unique visitors
  • Terms used in the internal site search
  • Authenticated users using the site
  • Usage of an individual page over time


Can anyone help? I’ve tried looking at the documentation but its not available? Thanks sincerely to anyone that responds.






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