Title: Re: [reportmagic-help] 10.4 compatibility
Thanks....tried reinstalling, but the package seems to require perl version 5.8.1 This is the error I get when I try to reinstall (after removing the package):

Failed: Internal error: node for perl581-core already exists

I have a feeling I'm going to have to wait for some sort of fink package update. Any other ideas?

Only from the fink web site that has 2 suggestions on how to upgrade to Tiger.  One would be to merely try the fink selfupdate command which seems to still be a problem for you.  The other was to wipe the /sw directory and reinstall everything.

 For users of the unstable tree, you may be able to upgrade just by running fink selfupdate if your version of fink is less than 0.24.5. It will install fink-0.24.5 for you. After upgrading to 10.4, first check that you have the right version of fink by issuing fink --version. If your version is less than 0.24.5, run fink selfupdate to get the right version of fink. Then reinstall the fink package using fink reinstall fink, followed by fink selfupdate.

Other than that I can't help at the moment.  I have been waiting to upgrade to Tiger until some of the networking problems stabilizes.  It is not clear that 10.4.1 is there yet.
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