Bassam Abdul-Baki wrote:

After running Analog on a different servers logs, I kept getting the error "Too many open files" whenever it needed to create images after the first few. Too the best of my recollection, it created the ones for Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and all the date/time ones, which were generated first. The rest for file size and others failed due to that error. Can anyone give me a hint on why that occurs?

Is this Report Magic that is causing the problem or Analog? Report Magic should close each image file after it creates it. So it shouldn't hold up more than one file handle for the images (and one for the reports). Analog would be reading log files but would also only hold open a single file handle. I can't think that Analog and Report Magic together would hold more than five or six handles.

How many handles do you have available on the system? Are you running multiple instances of Analog/Report Magic in parallel?

Also, is the archived list for Report Magic help searchable?

No. Not with the current archive software. Also, it only contains list archives for this year. The previous six years have not been added yet.

Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

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