On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, Jeremy Wadsack wrote:

> >
> >
> Yes.
> >And what if I want to exclude several types? Would that be:
> >
> >REQEXCLUDE *.gif,*.jpg
> >
> >
> This will work. As will separate entries:
>     REQEXCLUDE *.gif
>     REQEXCLUDE *.jpg

I tried these and they didn't seem to exclude anything at all ;-)

> Also, if you want to just include items that are identified as pages in
> the request report, you can use the special form of the command:
>     REQINCLUDE page

I noticed this and it works great. But the client wants to track PDF
downloads so it would be better to tackle this the other (i.e. include
everything and specifically leave out the graphics requests)

(Yes, I could use PAGEINCLUDE *.pdf to include PDF documents in the
pages alias... until someone else comes along and says they want to track
ZIP file or Word documents or movie files. ;-)

Ill play with the exclude commands some more...


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