GD::Graph3d is fantastic, and ReportMagic too.  Thanks so much.

I am using:

        FreeBSD 4.11
        Perl 5.6.2
        GD::Graph 1.43.05
        GD::Graph3d 0.63

A GD::Graph:lines3d with skip_undef => 1 set throws errors (and makes wonky graphs) if my data set has undef values at the beginning of the values array. Is this a bug or a feature (or luser error)?

There is a trivial example attached.  Thanks.

        - H

PS: I am sending this to this list because wadsack-allen.com (the domain on the perl module's contact info) doesn't seem to have a working mail exchanger tonight.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use GD::Graph::lines3d;

## Note that there are undef's at the *beginning* of the data set ##
@data = (
	[ qw( Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct ) ],
	[ undef, undef, 2, 5, 3, 4, 4, undef, 5, 6 ]

my $graph = new GD::Graph::lines3d(500, 300);
	title      => "Can't have undef's at the beginning",
	skip_undef => 1
my $gd = $graph->plot( [EMAIL PROTECTED] ) || die($graph->error . "\n");

open(OUT, "> undef-test.png") 
	|| die("ERROR: Couldn't open image output file: $!\n");
binmode OUT;
print OUT $gd->png;

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