The way Report Magic is written, if there are more than 12 bars in a bar chart 
is skips labels so that the number of labels along the x axis is 12 or 13. I 
agree this is not ideal for a really wide chart, and one could take into 
account the width of the chart when determining the label skipping.

On the other hand, a really wide chart is not all that visually helpful and 
given your data distribution, most of those directories have very few results. 
I would suggest adding a DIRFLOOR to the Analog configuration so that the data 
that you see and chart is only the top directories. I think that will make the 
chart clearer. 

I recognize that ideally you may want to see data for all directories in the 
table and chart just the top items. At this point there is no exposed "chart 
floor" feature in Report Magic, although it does have the concept internally if 
you want to tweak the source. 

Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

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> > > However ... the bars for each directory are not all labeled.  Many are
> > > omitted.  No matter how wide I tell the graph to be, this is still the
> > > case.
> [...]
> > > How can I get the chart to label each directory?  And as a bonus, how
> > > can I get the whole directory path to display in the label, not just a
> > > portion of the path followed by "..."?
> Jeremy Wadsack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Could you possibly provide a link to an example of this? I am having a
> >hard time visualizing it.
> Thanks for your help.
> I don't have any better public webspace at the moment to put this on
> ... so apologies for the geocities:
> Potentially relevant ini text follows ... I'm actually leaving this
> job tomorrow (!) but I'd still like to know for the future how to get
> directory report graphs that are completely labeled, if it is
> possible.

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