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> > First, Dion, what would you like to see? What are your goals for this
> I was hoping to revive some discussion. Last time things jumped to code
> and then stopped.

I hear you, and I don't want to see that either. There are so many complex
issues involved here, and we need documented agreements before
code/implementation obscures that. Wiki is one good way to start working the
issues, but even that is somewhat free-form [and getting full of opinions].
Hopefully we can discuss the issues, and start to document the agreement as
agreements & build upon those.

Maybe "repository" is a "standards project" (documented specs) with no
direct code whatsoever.

> > project? What were you hoping for when you put out that feeler?
> I was hoping we could take all the disparate repository efforts and focus
> them.

Ok, good. But question, do we really have disparate repository efforts? I
think we generally agree on the repository, it is the tooling that varies. I
wonder if that is how it ought be, keep the clients focuses on their
environments and make repository interaction easy. A 'one solution fits all'
client is probably less likely to suceed.

> > Second, how do we keep some momentum and progress this, given the many
> > different facets & ways to skin this cat.
> Agree on what the basics are and allow differing implementations.

I'd rather work with folks on one implementation, but then again I can see
that a single solution might not fit all environments. For example, we
probably want API/client access via languages other than Java. Also, I could
see (say) a Maven client being best tightly be integrated into Maven's
metdata and installation mechanisms. Just because repository wants to be
open/generic and not-Java-only, it would seem wrong to force that on all

> Simple focussed discussion without talking about incubating projects or
> adopting projects works for me. Those are separate issues.

Awesome, so we'll keep those elsewhere.

I beleive that there have been failed attempts at this at times before, and
much as I'd love to attain the PPM (Perl Package Manager) level loft goals,
I hope we can make progress in achievable stages.

Thanks for your clarifications.



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