Here is a fresh stab at what we are talking about.

I see the URL sytax having these parts
<root><distribution-unit><type><versioned artifact>

* root o * Distribution Unit Name o commons-beanutils * Type o jars * Versioned Artifact o commons-beantutils-1.4.jar

Root can be any valid URL For apache I recommend<top-level-project>

The Distribution Unit Name for apache would be controlled by the PMC. It should strive to be globably unique, but that is up to the PMC.

What happens after that is what WE the repo list need to decide. How files are put in side of a <root><distribution-unit> like

Lets call <root><distribution-unit>  the <base-url>

Does it sound reasonable to focus our discussion on what comes afte the <base-url> and leave the rest upto the PMC's?

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