> I believe most folks want more conformity rather than less,
> so are more inclined towards "version goes here" than
> "optionally here

I maintain that there is a difference between a Best Practice and a mandate.
A mandate should be reserved for where it impacts function and
interoperability.  Ease of use is served by a Best Practice, which allows
for exceptions where they further the goal.  Since I won't pretend to
anticipate all needs, I prefer to anticipate that there will be good reasons
for exceptions.

> Clearly it is a primary goal to work with mirroring, however
> generically parsing a bunch of the things references on here
> [http://www.apache.org/dev/mirrors.html] would be nightmarish.

I would expect tools to require that there be a URI that is reliably machine
parsable.  If we accept the requirement that the repository support
symlinks, then we can even mandate a particular form of URI intended for
easy machine parsing, but I would not exclude more convenient forms of
organization for the non-tool-using user.

I think we've the core of such an agreement, although we also need to invite
the current mirroring folks from infrastructure to review it once we at
least agree.

        --- Noel

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