> My input here is primarily based on writting Ruper

> You don't have to like the tool, I'm not trying to push the implementation

I've never even seen the thing, and you are a priori assuming that I don't
like it?

> It allows you to query what is there, query and capture "oldest resources"
> [and do a delete/clean], and download newest, etc.

How does it know what OLDEST means?  I see that Tim is trying to add some
more structure, so maybe he's thinking that we can restrict the URI space so
that a restricted notion of version assures an automatable concept of

> Some find such a tool useful, I'd like to believe that apache users
> and external users) would find it useful.

I don't disagree.  I simply said that if you view the repository solution as
a layer of specifications, the lowest layer can be a syntax that does not
require semantics such as an automatable concept of succession.  If we need
that, we can add it either by a convention within the URI space, or by other

[I sometimes feel the acadaemics of the URI Scheme Specifiecation are
outweighing the practicalities of an implementation. I beleive in writting a
specification first, but specifications get revised based upon real world
experience. Tools are that experience.]

> I'd like to say "go get me xerces from any repository it is in,
> but get me the latest, but I only want release not nightly/snapshot"
> That to me, is useful.

Absolutely.  But that may require something more than the URI schema.  :-)

> I feel we have the potential to win big, and I'd like the ASF
> Repository to be a step forward towards these goals, not a step backward.

I agree.  But one layer at a time.  :-)

        --- Noel

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