> From: Noel J. Bergman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> > My input here is primarily based on writting Ruper
> > You don't have to like the tool, I'm not trying to push the
> implementation
> I've never even seen the thing, and you are a priori assuming that I don't
> like it?
> > It allows you to query what is there, query and capture "oldest
> resources"
> > [and do a delete/clean], and download newest, etc.
> How does it know what OLDEST means?  I see that Tim is trying to add some
> more structure, so maybe he's thinking that we can restrict the
> URI space so
> that a restricted notion of version assures an automatable concept of
> succession.

The common build version specifier proposal does add structure to
the version, but doesn't enable tools to determine if one version
is older or newer than another.

A tool could reasonably assume that version "1.0" < "2.0" but this is
only valid for projects which follow numeric versions.
For those projects which love codename versions (e.g, "chicago", "delta"),
no assumptions can be made.


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