> > How do you propose to implement such artifacts?  What impact will
> > that have on web site deployment and mirroring requirements?

> Given the URI:
>   http://repo.apache.org/sun/jndi/1.2.1/jars/jndi-1.2.1.jar
> This could redirect to:
>   http://repo.apache.org/sun/jndi/1.2.1/jars/jndi-1.2.1.jar.descriptor

> The .descriptor file could have a specific mime type to let tools
> know that they need to do additional processing, or they could rely
> on the extension as an indicator.

Whoa, so there is no reality for the artifact?  We just redirect to a
descriptor containing meta-data?  I think we can clean that up, and we'll
both be happy.

> [...] obtaining permission from the 3rd party first.

And if they say no, we'll need to do it without such an artifact anyway, so
we might as well drop the fiction.

        --- Noel

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