hi mark

i've given it a go myself but i have a few questions and i'd appreciate it if you'd check my work so far.

On 7 Mar 2004, at 16:18, Mark R. Diggory wrote:

You need to establish what your groups id will be. The current naming trend for Apache "xml" projects has been a bit haphazard.


Some standardization here would be good. But that will not effect maven.

i've had a chat on IRC and gone for apache-jaxme

There is currently a problem with Maven publishing to a BSD system and md5 signature generation, if you do not want to use maven to do the publishing then these are the tasks you need to complete:

1.) The easiest way right now is for you to place the jars into


gone (but apache-jaxme rather than xml-jaxme)

2.) Generate an md5 signature for each one in the same directory. For instance as an examples

"md5 xml-jaxme-1.0.jar > xml-jaxme-1.0.jar.md5" will produce:



3.) Generate the following symlinks the above files from



4.) and create a file

java-repository/xml-jaxme/jars/xml-jaxme-snapshot-version with the contents "1.0"

these releases are versioned 0.2: should this file contain 0.2 (since it refers to the version of the jars) or 1.0 (since it's a mavenesque version number)

5.) use the following "POM" in the

    <name>Apache Software Foundation</name>
      <name>ASL 2.0</name>

there are a number of jar in the release. i'd been working on the theory that each needs a separate artifact id. what should the contents of the file be in this case?

- robert

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