Here's a thought that has been propagating through my neurons.

What if the ASF Repository content was maintained in Subversion and exported into dist/java-repository for mirror propagation using some automation? Given Subversions binary diffing, this would be manageable.

1.) This would allow us to control permissions at the same level as the cvs/subversion source control. As such:

Jakarta Commons Jelly


Jakarta Commons Collections

would have enough fine grained permissions to control to separate who gets the right to add/remove/modify content at that level instead of what we have right now, which are only the groups in the shell (ie xml, jakarta etc).

2.) This would give us a layer (automated update of dist/java-repository) to catch issues such as:
a.) md5 and signature errors.
b.) dated-build vs full version releases.

The downfall is that Repository Clients (Like Maven) would need to be capable of doing svn commits etc to publish artifacts instead of ssh/scp requests.


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