Mark R. Diggory wrote:
Here's a thought that has been propagating through my neurons.

What if the ASF Repository content was maintained in Subversion and exported into dist/java-repository for mirror propagation using some automation? Given Subversions binary diffing, this would be manageable.


Are two jars that differ slightly actually not that different?

I had brought this up on this list in "Making releases -> publishing jars". Below is a relevant reply.

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Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>>1 - people making releases have to log into the release server
>>2 - there is no notification of files being put there
>>3 - we are already experiencing issues with where to put jars
>>What if we make instead a SVN repository for releases?
Isn't that a bit heavyweight when all you appear to want is WebDAV
with access control and notification?

Point taken.

I just had an interesting chat with Sander about adding features to
our WebDAV support. He seems to think that it would be fairly easy to
add hook and authz support, so that authorizing access to a file
system area would be
the same as we use for SVN. Also, we'd have hooks that could perform actions when changes are made.

This would be zuper.

>>like for example publish the jars in a parallel
>>structure that is used for the maven repo.

We've really got to work on eliminating the adjective there, and I applaud Mark's efforts to do so.

I do too.

Sorry, I have not helped much. Where do we stand now? What can I help to do?

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