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 === Permissions ===
 All directories should be group writeable in the repository, however no files 
should be group writable. This means that files can be removed but not changed 
without an explicit override.
+=== SNAPSHOTs and Releases ===
+At apache, projects using Maven should set:
+The release manager uses {{{-Dmaven.repo.list=apache}}} to publish to the 
other location. 
+This can be enforced by permissions if we really have a problem (though once
+people get harassed about snapshots when they turn up, I think it'll quickly 
+== Required new features ==
+These are features required in Maven Wagon to support the repository:
+ * sign code before pushing it up
+ * publish to a stage location so it can be vetted by a script for a valid 
md5, asc and that it isn't a SNAPSHOT, before copying it to the release location
+ * allow different repository formats, to support a possible difference 
between ASFRepository, Maven-1 and Maven-2

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