On Apr 11, 2005 5:27 PM, Brett Porter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sorry, I meant: http.proxyHost, http.proxyPort and counterparts as
> standard names.
> - Brett

well, you could do, but you need to work out 
1. how to set up the options for every app you start on the command line
2. how to set up the options for every JAR file you run by double
clicking. It can be done via our friend the registry in windows, but
it isnt easy.

Even then, it doesnt address the variability of laptop networking. In
my past research, I had a lot of data on how laptops got used, and
primarily it was networking, not power that mattered:


So I went on to do a util that looked at system context and changed
things, network, power, screen saver, etc. depending upon what it
thought was happening


dynamic adaption of IE proxy settings work, though only through IE
restarts. I think if I'd do it again, I'd route everything through a
localhost proxy which relayed stuff as approprite.


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