> I note the maven2 .md5 files are binary. I think I prefer hex, as it
> is easier to manually verify. I ended up checking the md5 sum off the
> maven1 files.

That's a bug in the m1->m2 repository converter. I'll check it out.

> Here is what I'd like
> -a 'dotted' project to test that logic
> -something without an extension
> -something with a ".txt" extension
> -some classifier examples

sounds good - I'll put it in JIRA

> -something with a different .md5 checksum than its real checksum.

The repository is scanned every 4 hours and repairs missing/broken
md5s (bearing in mind that we don't consider them as a security
option, but a download integrity check)

> Also, and this is just for generic cool demo effects, who can point me
> to a good (AWT/swing) app that the repository has?
> I'd like to demo the repository as the open source successor to java
> web start: all your favourite OSS apps, all your favourite libraries,
> one shared local cache.

I can't think of anything off the top of my head... if you find
something, you can send it through the Maven upload process.

> NB, next week I'll do ant1.7 support; Maven2 *will* be the default
> there. I dont know what we'll do about tools for preparing packages
> for upload; maybe a library later will address that.

Upload to ibiblio, or upload to an internal repository? You're
definitely getting into optional libraries there - so I'll resurrect
Wagon's ant tasks from CVS and get them working again to offer up, as
I mentioned in my previous email.


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