I'm what the best practice would be for running a site with Repoze and 
Deliverance under mod_wsgi, with Varnish as a web cache.

The only way I can think to make it work would be to use Varnish on port 
80, proxying Apache on some different port, with Repoze under mod_wsgi. 
I'm sure that'd work, but it'd be a bit annoying for the server I want 
to configure, since it has some static file serves that wouldn't need 
Varnish and also uses mod_dav_svn to serve up SVN.

The way I used to do it, was to the virtual host in Apache use a 
RewriteRule to a Varnish port that then proxied Zope on a different port 

Perhaps the answer is to not use Varnish at all, but use some in-Apache 
caching, though I've been told that's not terribly good (it doesn't 
support purge?).


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