2009/3/26 Reed O'Brien <r...@reedobrien.com>:
> But google's search is a GET request; which should be idempotent and
> shouldn't need CSRF protection.

True that.

>> Right you could have a ticket system, but is it really necessary for
>> the general site? Perhaps for online banking or airline ticket
>> booking.
> for non-idempotent POST requests, IMO.

In a CMS system for example, would you want the "Save" action to be
protected from resubmission? Ideally, users will only submit the
button once, but it's a bit awkward to prevent it by force, when
there's no damage ahead.

>>> Perhaps we are saying the same thing and I am being obtuse. But *only*
>>> validating that an agent is participating in a valid session doesn't
>>> prevent
>>> a malicious JS from submitting a form on that valid sessions behalf.
> [snip]
> I wasn't referring to a malicious JS on my own server as that wouldn't be
> cross site request forgery (CSRF), which is what we are talking about
> preventing, no?

Undesired resubmission of forms is one thing; it can be dealt with
using a ticket system.

As for what we're supposed to be talking about here :-) ––- you said
it best, I think: to ensure that the requestor is the requestor. To
that extend, forms must be *signed* with a personal signature.

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