On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 6:19 AM, Malthe Borch <mbo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I realize this documentation[1] is still in progress; yet, here are
> some comments, posted to the list to maybe encourage some kind of
> debate (since it's likely that there will be several consumers of this
> package in repoze.* in the future:
> I find the introduction lacking; why do I care about indirection,
> what's the benefit.
> Next, I can't read through the documentation if it's going to be all
> "a" and "somecomponent"; can we have some kind of context, e.g. a
> story-line or some likely scenario. This would help a lot in
> motivating the package in the first place, too.

Yeah, some times I happen to try to explain things in terms of "a" and
"b" and soon I realize it wasn't effective.
What I *think* it would be more effective in first place is *why*
people should write apps that one can extend by layering other
components on top of it rather than monkey patching or doing all sorts
of incantations to achieve what they want.

The spelling is important so people can understand how to implement
their story (if they know the so called AOP) by using a given package.
repoze.plugin just happen to make it easier to associate the concepts
of AOP to the code and maybe attract more people.

Cool package after all .

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