2009/4/29 Chris McDonough <chr...@plope.com>:
> When you do need it, the multiplexing is awful handy (e.g. when trying to
> look up a view based on a context type and a request type).

Except there's always this situation:

View 1)

  for="IDocument IRequest"

View 2)

  for="Interface IPostRequest"

Let's say that you wanted always to do something special for POST
requests. This won't work; you have to change (1) to

  for="IDocument IGetRequest"

I find that the ordering of multi-adaptation hinders me in using them
in a clean way; perhaps the solution is to have some kind of priority
token, e.g.

  for="Interface +IPostRequest"

You can argue that anything more than we have now is too complex;
still, for multiplexing, the default adaptation ordering isn't always

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