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Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> On 5/9/09 9:12 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>> It'd be nice if there was a way to name the files that meant people
>>> won't accidentally commit a bunch of "compiled" .py files that may then
>>> end up conflicting later.
>> Maybe there could be a mode to compile template files directly to .pyc for 
>> folks 
>> that wanted it.  But if it complicated Chameleon at all to do so, I'd much 
>> rather say to those people "don't check in .pt.py files" than have 500 lines 
>> of 
>> source to enforce it.
> The pyc files are dependent on a number of Python settings, the Python
> version being one of them. I'd rather have the py files generated, so I
> can also generate those up front on my machine and actually ship all of
> them inside a distribution. The specific Python interpreter on the
> target machine can handle py to pyc/pyo compilation just fine.

I don't think Chris was arguing that "direct to .pyc" mode would be the
only / default one, just an option for particular deployment scenarios.

> Only having pyc files is also a pain with zope.testing and its eager
> cleanup mode, which would constantly delete these files.

I think the "keep .pyc files" mode is only for deployment (to GAE or
other platforms which can't compile the templates);  it would be
irrelevant for any development mode.

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