repoze.bfg 0.8 has been released. Installation documentation exists at . The gory details are in the 
changelog at  There were 7 alpha 
releases of 0.8 before the final.

Some highlights:

This release of repoze.bfg is “C-free”. This means it has no hard dependencies 
on any software that must be compiled from C source at installation time. In 
particular, repoze.bfg no longer depends on the lxml package.

This release runs on Google App Engine (see

This release runs on Windows.

The "url dispatch" support (Routes support) has been changed and overhauled and
as a result actually even works right. ;-)

Two new paster templates "bfg_alchemy" and "bfg_routesalchemy" exist now which
can be used to generate SQLAlchemy based starter applications.

Two new "inheriting" security policies were added.

Have fun,

- C
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