Hi, everyone.

The next version of repoze.what will ship benchmarking tools for its source 
adapters, so you could find what would be the fastest adapter for your 

Believe it or not, the "fastest adapter" could change from one computer to 
another. I've even found that on one computer, adapter A is ~20x faster than 
adapter B, but on another computer, the difference lowers to ~9x. So you could 
also use this to keep your adapters, but optimize them if possible.

However, before releasing it, I'd love to get some feedback, and that's why 
I'm writing. Here you'll learn how it works:

To install the latest revision:
$ svn co http://svn.repoze.org/repoze.what/branches/1.X/ repoze.what
$ cd repoze.what
$ python setup.py develop

I wrote a benchmarking script which you can try too; it's available in the 
/scripts/ folder and there's a README if you want to use it. I'll run it on 
several computers and publish the results after the release, so people could 
get an idea on what would be the faster adapter.

Thanks in advance!
Gustavo Narea <xri://=Gustavo>.
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