Here you have the commands to get all installed and so run the tests:

On 1 jun, 16:05, Gustavo Narea <> wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> The next version of repoze.what will ship benchmarking tools for its source
> adapters, so you could find what would be the fastest adapter for your
> environment.
> Believe it or not, the "fastest adapter" could change from one computer to
> another. I've even found that on one computer, adapter A is ~20x faster than
> adapter B, but on another computer, the difference lowers to ~9x. So you could
> also use this to keep your adapters, but optimize them if possible.
> However, before releasing it, I'd love to get some feedback, and that's why
> I'm writing. Here you'll learn how it 
> works:
> repoze.what.adapters.benchmark
> To install the latest revision:
> $ svn co
> $ cd repoze.what
> $ python develop
> I wrote a benchmarking script which you can try too; it's available in the
> /scripts/ folder and there's a README if you want to use it. I'll run it on
> several computers and publish the results after the release, so people could
> get an idea on what would be the faster adapter.
> Thanks in advance!
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