I have some problems with the setup of repoze.what 

in the docs [1] theres a 'quickstart' mentioned. Also theres written:

    "Warning Do not try to configure repoze.who directly – if you 
     want authorization to work, you have to configure it through

[1] http://what.repoze.org/docs/1.x/Manual/GettingStarted.html

Fine so far. Before looking at repoze.what at all i made repoze.who work. 
Its pretty simple (just a basic auth, but enough for my scenario). I have 
an ini-file which configures it all. 

Now if it comes to repoze.what it seems theres no ini-file-configuration 
possible. Except maybe with 'quickstart', but 'quickstart' isnt 
documented at all (at least its not linked at [1] and I do not find any 
documentation nor hwo to get it into repoze.what). Also at [2], the place 
where I'd expect more details on quickstart, theres only unsufficiant 
information available. 

[2] http://what.repoze.org/docs/1.x/Manual/Plugins/

Can someone enlighten me how to use it in the proposed paster build 

thanks in advance and 
best regards
Jens W. Klein - Klein & Partner KEG - BlueDynamics Alliance

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