Hi, Jens!

The plugin is mentioned here 
(repoze.what.plugins.quickstart), but you're certainly right about the missing 
link. I'm adding the link right now. Thanks!

However, this plugin is for people who are using SQLAlchemy/Elixir to manage 
their users, groups and permissions, and it's most useful when repoze.who 
isn't already configured (because it sets up both repoze.who and repoze.what 
at once).

I think this plugin may not be for you, because:
 * It configures repoze.who and repoze.what in a not-so-flexible way. Its goal 
is just to help newcomers to get started quickly.
 * It can't be configured via .ini files (yet).

So, I'd recommend you configure repoze.what by yourself, without the 
quickstart. You may want to do it via repoze.what.plugins.config, a plugin to 
configure repoze.what from a .ini file:

The ability to configure repoze.what from a .ini file will be built-in as of 
repoze.what-1.1.0, which I hope to release this month, possibly forked from 
and backwards-compatible with the plugin above.


  - Gustavo.

Jens said:
> I have some problems with the setup of repoze.what
> in the docs [1] theres a 'quickstart' mentioned. Also theres written:
>     "Warning Do not try to configure repoze.who directly – if you
>      want authorization to work, you have to configure it through
>      repoze.what."
> [1] http://what.repoze.org/docs/1.x/Manual/GettingStarted.html
> Fine so far. Before looking at repoze.what at all i made repoze.who work.
> Its pretty simple (just a basic auth, but enough for my scenario). I have
> an ini-file which configures it all.
> Now if it comes to repoze.what it seems theres no ini-file-configuration
> possible. Except maybe with 'quickstart', but 'quickstart' isnt
> documented at all (at least its not linked at [1] and I do not find any
> documentation nor hwo to get it into repoze.what). Also at [2], the place
> where I'd expect more details on quickstart, theres only unsufficiant
> information available.
> [2] http://what.repoze.org/docs/1.x/Manual/Plugins/
> Can someone enlighten me how to use it in the proposed paster build
> environment?
> thanks in advance and
> best regards
Gustavo Narea <xri://=Gustavo>.
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