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> - If a "factory" is specified on a route, it will need to point at a
>   function that had the same call/response convention as a traversal
>   root factory.  This will break code.  "Context factories" accept
>   key/value pairs assumed to be items that matched in the URL match.
>   These would cease working, and would need to be rewritten as root
>   factories, which accept a WSGI environment.

My gut feeling is this should be a show-stopper.  Not having easy access to
the match dict when doing routes just goes too far in terms of breaking
expectations about how routes should work.

That said, I think the goal of unifying the two methods is very compelling,
so we should spend some more time thinking about how to accomplish this
without breaking fundamental expectations with regards to url dispatch. The
idea of performing a graph traversal starting at a context found by a routes
match is particularly compelling and reason enough to pursue a unification.

I'd just suggest thinking about it a little more before starting to move
code around.  I'll try and devote some brain cycles of my own to the

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