Hello, Wichert.

Wichert said:
> is there a special reason the repoze.what docs can not be hosted on
> docs.repoze.org, next to all the other repoze documentation?

repoze.what will have a new Web site (not only the static documentation we 
have now) by the release of v2, which might host a wiki, a BuildBot master, 
the docs of third party plugins and more stuff like this, so we created a 
subdomain for me to manage it all.

We moved the repoze.what 1.X docs there so people can start using the new URL 

Actually I'm not sure about the services it will host at this point, so the 
ones above were just examples, but the goal is to have something that will 
scale up as repoze.what's userbase grows.

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